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Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Contact.
Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Contact.
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Group Coaching sessions

We live relating each to another in each and every one of the facets of our lives. In our private lives, as well as at work, interaction with others always takes place. And yet, how often do we undertake this at a more intimate level? How often have we taken the time to look at and listen with interest to the person with whom we are interacting?

In the frenetic rhythm of our daily lives, we set about achieving small already established goals using the resources we have learnt in the past and that we know work. However, in our busy schedules there is not much time left to try new resources or strategies, much less verify the new results we would obtain if we were to use them.

Our group sessions will give you that space in which to dare to experiment in order to grow; where through diverse exercises and the constructive feedback of your colleagues, you will start enriching and extending the limits of what you considered to be the "well defined ME".

Over the years, we have built a self image or a concept of ourselves with which we feel comfortable and which we do not question. But, are we aware of how others see us and the impact we have on others?

By attending our group coaching sessions, you will not only be coached to get the very best out of yourself, but you will also be an active part in the process of growth of each of your colleagues.

What do our sessions consist of?

Our sessions are held in person and last one and a half hours; we hold then twice a month and the number of attendees is limited to 12.

What benefits will you obtain from our group coaching sessions?

· You will be surprised. By sharing with others your most private doubts, aspirations and goals, amazing things will happen: amongst them, you will realise that every person also has their own.

· You will considerably improve your communication skills.

· You will clarify your goals, priorities and motivations.

· You will rediscover some of your innate resources or talents that had been in a state of lethargy for so long, and discover others you didn't know you had.

· You will hone your ability to observe and spot the talent and the resources in others.

· You will learn to give and to receive candid feedback.

· You will be ready to start questioning some of your most limiting beliefs and to replace those that are of no use to you for others which are more enabling.

· You will improve your leadership skills.

· You will meet new people who will undoubtedly bring a different perspective to your life.

Start-up Promotion

Just for signing up you will get a free 45 minute telephone coaching session on the topic that you choose.

Please get in touch for any further information.

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Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Group Coaching. Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Group Coaching.
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