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Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Contact.
Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Contact.
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Do you want to BE WELL?

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Being healthy is something else that the absence of disease, but a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing.

When we are in this state of well-being we not only become more effective at what we do, but we also feel happier and more fulfilled.

Health is a cornerstone of our quality of life. Nowadays, it is widely accepted that each one of us � as adults � are directly responsible for our own health and wellbeing. To a very large extent, it is up to each of us to prevent future diseases and to guarantee a faster recovery even from those considered chronic illnesses.

Our approach to health and well-being is a holistic one. We acknowledge that for all of us to be healthy and be-well, a coherence between what is going on inside of us � our thoughts and emotions � and our external actions � exercising, eating, social relationships, stress management is a must.

Our coaching services are aimed at:

Individuals who...

· Are determined to take the leads of their health and build up new habits that better serve them and boost their wellbeing.

· Want to learn new techniques to successfully manage stress.

· Feel regularly tired, stressed out, and wish to recover the levels of energy and vitality they used to have in the past.

· Have recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness that has had a real impact on their daily lives and want to effectively manage all the changes and create new possibilities for them.

· As primary caregivers for their loved one with Alzheimer�s, are struggling with all the changes, the distress, and are looking for orientation and new ideas to connect with their loved one in a more effective way.

Organizations which...

· Have as a priority to take a stand for the promotion of health and wellness environment for their employees at the work place.

· Are aware of the tremendous impact that poor stress management of their employees has on the results account and on his productivity.

· Are determined to stand out from their competition by investing in the training, development and the wellness of the employees, so that his productivity will be rapidly increased.

Our Services

To individuals.

· One to One coaching: We will work with you, face to face or through the phone, and will be your partner towards the accomplishment of your most wanted health goals.

· Group Coaching sessions, both in person or through the telephone, in which you will share your challenges and your success with the others, and they will share theirs with you.

· Workshops and Teleclasses for Stress Management Techniques.

To Organizations and health professionals.

· Tailor made coaching programs to promote a Health and Wellness environment at work place within the Organization.

· Training Programs on stress management.

· Training Programs on coaching skills for health professionals (GP�s, Psychotherapists, nurses, health assistants). Assistants will be fully trained and ready to integrate the coaching tools and skills on their daily practice with their patients.

· Training and Coaching Programs to train employees on soft skills -communication skills, resilience, positive thinking, amongst others.

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Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Health and Wellbeing. Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Health and Wellbeing.
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