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Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Contact.
Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Contact.
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Get yourself ready with our

Coaching service for job interviews

Do you have an important interview and want to get ready to give the very best of yourself in it?

The concept behind any selection process is, in short, the same as that of a sales meeting. Just that, in this case, the product you are going to sell is yourself.

The potential client (the company interviewing you) has chosen you (Your Product) together with other candidates available on the marketplace (your competition) and have called a meeting (interview) for the purposes of establishing a more in-depth knowledge of the benefits of your product (your resources: skills, ability, experience).

Subsequently, this potential client (interviewer) will select from amongst all the products (candidates) the one that he or she anticipates will best fulfil (carry out) the requirements (position).

It is likely that you will have no control over the final decision-making phase of the process, but what does lie in your hands is to ensure that you present yourself in such a way , that not only will you manage to set yourself apart from the other candidates, but you will also make a favourable impact on the person interviewing you, which will last during their evaluation and decision-making process.

What will you get from this service?

With our coaching sessions specifically for job interviews, you will be coached to:

· Make an attractive presentation of your resources (skills, abilities and experience) which set you apart from the other candidates.

· Practice your communication skills for the purposes of establishing a connection of trust with the person or the people interviewing you, which will last during the subsequent evaluation process and the ultimate selection of the candidate.

· Practice your negotiation skills and techniques, guaranteeing the most optimal contractual conditions (sale) for you.

What are our sessions like?

Our sessions last for one and a half hours and are held either in person or by telephone or Skype. They include an additional 30 minute telephone session, subsequent to our session and prior to the interview.

To ensure greater effectiveness, we ask all our clients to do some work prior to the main session, the content of which will be specified at the time of registering for the service.

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Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Coaching services for job interviews. Trusting Your Talent Coaching. Coaching services for job interviews.
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